We handmade our pieces with antiallergenic metal alloy and a silver coat. We look after our product´s quality to the maximum, and with the proper care you can enjoy them for a long time as if they were new. Make sure to keep them always in the wooden box that we provide you with, to protect them from the light and keep them away from humidity. To avoid humidity, you can also use silica gel packs, that accompany many products and medicines.

The metal parts of our pieces, apart from the rings, are rigid and not malleable, do not force them nor bend them, for they could break. Our rings are adaptable, but once they have been adapted, the constant variation of its shape may cause it to break.


Be aware of the fact that silver may darken, and is a process absolutely normal, that can be accelerated due to exposure from sun light, spotlights, air, humidity, air conditioning… also, a very acid pH in some skin types, can make the process of darkening appear faster, or even cause very accelerated wear and corrosion in the silver.

Avoid getting into the pool or the ocean with your pieces, because the chloride and the salty water can ruin them and in general avoid contact with substances that could damage them, such as lotions and perfumes.

For the process of cleaning, we recommend a polishing cloth without abrasive products, you can find them in our shops for purchase and they will help you keep them shiny. In cases of extreme dirt, for example in the chain which is more difficult to polish, you could rinse it with warm water and a bit of neutral soap, and dry them perfectly with a cotton rag, and then polish it with the polishing cloth.


We use high-quality Spanish leather, of open pore and with an aniline finish. The leather will age and darken naturally with time. Try not to wet it, for it will grow stiff and will get ruined. Moisturize it whenever is necessary with any hand moisturizer, but always with very little product, to avoid extra grease and stains from the leather.


We recommend to use a cloth, soft and slightly dampen in water to clean the glass


We recommend to use a cloth, soft and slightly dampen in water.



In 1Parami we elaborate three basic bracelet sizes: S-M-L

Additionally, and under request only, we could make special sizes. Remember that we are making it specially for you, and therefore cannot be change.

If you would like to know your appropriate size, proceed as follow: grab a measuring tape and place it around your wrist, without leaving it to tight or to loose, and check your contour measurement, that would be your size reference.


We can check the size of our finger in the same way than the wrist, but it would be so much easier if you grab a ring that you feel comfortable with, and measure its inside diameter. With this dimentions check the conversion in the index.